Murphy Group Advantage

Murphy Auto Group Mission

"Our mission is to be the Dealership of Choice."

To be successful, we must recognize the importance of our customers, our employees, our communities, our vendors, and our manufacturers.

We will accomplish this through...

Quality and responsive customer service and satisfaction...

...and through our innovative approaches and processes to a highly competitive, rapidly changing and evolving automotive market.

Murphy Auto Group Vision

Our vision for the Murphy Auto Group is that each dealership reaches its full potential and sustains its competitive market advantage to accomplish the MAG mission to Be the Dealership of Choice.

The critical path to realize our vision is ensuring the culture of MAG is rooted in integrity and is based on shared attitudes, values, goals, policies, and practices that are known, accepted, and enforced.

The key components of our culture require compassionate empowered leaders and passionate employees who know their organization and leaders care for them.

The desired end-state for MAG is that we are successful, profitable, and that we take care of our people, our customers, and our communities.

-- Michael Dennis Murphy President and CEO

Murphy Auto Group Core Values

  • Servant Leadership (that embodies the character traits of:)
    • Honesty & Integrity: truthful in word and deed, always.
    • Dignity & Respect: Live by the "Golden Rule;" treat others the way you would like to be treated.
    • Fairness: Impartial and just behavior without favoritism or discrimination.
    • Compassion: Concern for the welfare and misfortunes of others.
    • Humility: Modest view of one's importance or role; deflects praise and credit to the team and/or subordinates.
    • Commitment: Complete dedication to the team or the mission.
    • Dependability: Trustworthy and reliable.
  • Innovation: Willingness to attempt new methods, ideas, and products.
  • Diversity: A range of different things; ideas, experience, people.
  • Consistency: demonstrate a level of performance that does not vary in quality over time. Do the same thing, always.
  • Generosity: The quality of being kind and thoughtful, with a willingness to give freely to others in need.